Cognitive Options Group Expands Mortgage ComplianceServices to Credit Unions

by 26 Jul 2012

Durham, NC (July 24, 2012)– Cognitive Options Group, a national consulting firm specializing in mortgage complianceand loan due diligence reviews, announced it is now providing the firm’s operational advisory services to credit unions engaged in mortgage banking. As the industry continues to see historic low rates, credit unions are expanding mortgage lending product offerings to their members. With this expansion comes increased regulatory risk and credit unions must be vigilant in meeting new regulatory and investor rules.

“As regulatory compliance for real estate financing becomes more complex, the need for credit union directors and management to understand the volatilerule making environment is critical.” said Penny Showalter, Managing Director of Cognitive Options Group. “Growing fiduciary reasonability for a credit union’s leadership increases the need to engage mortgage industry experts for guidance.”

At a recent credit union Strategic Lending conference, Ms. Showalter discussed the increasing complexity of mortgage lending and the effect of Dodd-Frank laws and CFPB oversight on credit union mortgageproducts, as well as policies and procedures. The firm will continue speaking at industry conferences throughout the year to help educate all types of financial services firms on complying with the new regulations and avoiding risky practices.


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