Client Cant Get Financed? Their Securities Portfolio could provide the loan they need ? and FAST! by Joseph Andahazy

by 22 Apr 2011
Problems, Confusion and Red Tape - Many have experienced the long drawn out process of applying for a loan only to discover after several weeks, and in some cases months, their application was denied. Several reasons are offered for the denial, but the bottom line is, you don't have the financing you need to accomplish your goal. Reasons for denying loans come in many forms - skeptical Income, home value is too low, credit scores are marginal, too many properties financed or maybe the borrower is not properly documented in this country and the list goes on. Being denied financing is a harsh blow mentally, which typically generates emotional distress and sometimes physical illness. Where do you turn? What other options are there? We've all heard and seen advertisements from the auto industry promoting the "Sign and Drive" concept to take home the car of your dreams today, signaling the process is simple and easy.


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