Cherry Creek Mortgage introduces app for real estate agents and builder partners

by Candyd Mendoza16 May 2019

Cherry Creek Mortgage Company has launched a mobile app designed to speed up the mortgage process for real estate agents and builder partners.

The recently launched Connections app was internally developed for iOS and Android devices. It is part of Cherry Creek’s suite of new applications that provide “loan transparency, real-time collaboration, and digital automation of touchpoints between the stakeholders involved in a residential mortgage loan.”

Users can get pipeline and loan status information in real time through the app, as well as request and reissue loan pre-approvals, utilize loan and affordability calculators, and more. In addition, Connections enables instant communication via push notifications, SMS, email, and voicemail within the application.

"Connections creates an experience specifically tailored to the work styles of highly mobile real estate agents and builder partners," said Darren Shaffer, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Cherry Creek Mortgage. “Our goal is to equip our referral partners with detailed transparency into every loan transaction and to manage their overall pipeline of business with us on the device of their choice, regardless of location or time of day. The Connections app enables instant digital collaboration with our loan officers throughout a mortgage transaction."