Center Stage with Reverse it!, a Division of Urban Financial Group

by 07 Mar 2009
Bryan Hendershot, President Who is Reverse it? Reverse it!, a division of Urban Financial Group, Inc., is a wholesale lender for Reverse Mortgages. Located in Tulsa, OK, Reverse it! is quickly becoming a recognized name among industry professionals. However, a more in depth answer reveals Reverse it! is a group of people who come to work every day with a common goal in mind: close good loans and provide great customer service. The 2009 marketing campaign for Reverse it! is ?Grow with Reverse it!? The plan behind this theme is to provide brokers with support from the four critical categories that make selling and closing reverse mortgages not just possible, but successful. Software ? Service - Training ? Marketing Software. Providing a user-friendly, up-to-date, start-to-finish software is a top priority. Our loan software (Reverse Vision) supports your loan from application to processing, underwriting, closing, funding and beyond. Loan officers can use the software to put their borrowers at ease with clear, concise pie charts. Processors can view underwriting conditions even before receiving an approval. Best of all, our software allows our loan officers to upload and attach any and all loan documents specific to their borrower directly to the file. This avoids having to send borrowers? personal information electronically. Service. Customer service is the hallmark of Reverse it! And we intend to keep it that way. No automated, ?Press 2 Now? systems in our offices. Want proof? Call our office and a living, breathing, friendly voice will not only greet you but will also direct you to another actual human being of your choice. Reverse it! wants to close your loans quickly and correctly every time. We know that our brokers expect open communication and prompt service when it comes to their loans, so that is exactly what we expect from our employees. Training. No matter where you are with your experience in reverse mortgages, training is still of the utmost importance. If you are new to reverse mortgages your Reverse it! account executive is equipped with helpful websites and power point presentations that will jump start your understanding of the product. If you are experienced with the product, you may choose to dive right into web training with our software company, Reverse Vision. Online training is available every week for loan officers, processors, and account administrators. If you are your company?s designated account administrator, this training will show you the ins and outs of personalizing your software based on your company?s needs such as specific documents and standardized fees. Marketing. Reverse it! believes the key to growing your business is marketing. From information kits to advertising, Reverse it! will connect you with our marketing branch which can fulfill any of your marketing needs. Services include, reverse mortgage information kits, product fliers, direct mail options, email templates, website construction and even TV commercials. What is the history behind Reverse it!? Born in 2007, Reverse it! is a division of Urban Financial Group. Just two years since its inception, Reverse it! is already revered as one of the largest, privately owned reverse mortgage companies in the United States. Its parent company, Urban Financial Group, has a strong background in traditional mortgage lending. UFG quickly pursued the reverse product for its senior clientele. It wasn?t long until Urban Financial Group became a large producer of reverse mortgages. That made the decision to reach DE status very natural. Soon after earning its DE from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Urban Financial Group was approved to become part of an elite group of reverse mortgage lenders selected to deliver loans directly to Fannie Mae. Where is Reverse it! approved to do business? Currently, Reverse it! is licensed in most states (see map). We?re well on our way to becoming certified to handle reverse mortgages in every state by the end of 2009, so seniors across the country can have a reliable, trustworthy company to handle their loans. (map goes here) Is Reverse it taking on new brokers? If so who do brokers contact for more information? Reverse it! is always looking for more FHA approved brokers who are interested in offering the reverse mortgage program regardless of their size or loan volume. Reverse it! has a list of approved brokers ? all of whom are loyal companies whose closing volume ranges from 5 to 70 loans per month, and they are all treated with the same great customer service. If a broker is interested in learning more about Reverse it! they may visit our website at, and send an email to They can also call our office toll free at 888-777-3311 and ask to speak with an account executive. The approval process only takes about a week. During that week new brokers are encouraged to attend software training with Reverse Vision so that submitting their first loan can be done with ease. How does Reverse it! differ from its competition? Simplifying Reverse Mortgages. It?s not just a slogan we slap on our cards and stationary. It?s a belief. It?s the underlying current of our company. Experience has taught us that complicated red tape only frustrates people and drives clients away. We aim to close each loan within 30 days. If we didn?t keep the process simple, we couldn?t deliver on that goal. As we stated earlier, that?s where it really comes down to service. Reverse it! truly feels like this is the one aspect in business that should never be jeopardized. Reverse it! will always deliver competitive pricing and offer the best when it comes to software and technology. Reverse it! will stay on top because of its dedication to the industry and to our loyal brokers.


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