Capital Bank launches mortgage application for home loan website

by Candyd Mendoza24 Apr 2019

Capital Bank has unveiled Capital Bank Home Loans website and its new digital mortgage application QuickClose.

QuickClose enables users to start, update, and complete their applications from any device. It also provides in-application verification of income and assets, as well as delivers updates and step-by-step instructions throughout the application process.

The launch followed the bank’s announcement of changing the name of its mortgage business, Church Street Mortgage, to Capital Bank Home Loans. Capital Bank said the rebranding was an effort to unify its operations “under a set of common corporate values, goals, and commitments.”

"The new name, Capital Bank Home Loans, and rebranding provide us with a common corporate identity and go-to-market presence that better reflects who we are as a Company and creates a platform for continued growth and market expansion," said Capital Bank CEO Ed Barry. "Over the past two years, our business model has fueled profitable, organic growth that puts Capital Bank in a position to create long-term value for our customers and for the shareholders of Capital Bancorp."