Byte Software Announces New Service Providers

by 23 Apr 2010

Ten new service providers added to BytePro for credit reporting, appraisals and flood determination.

KIRKLAND, WA: April 26, 2010 – Byte Software, a leading provider of software for banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers, added ten new service providers to BytePro, its flagship loan origination software solution. The new service providers offer a range of real estate settlement services, from credit reporting to appraisal services to flood determination.

The new service providers in BytePro are:

AppraiserLoft (Appraisal Valuation)
Cal Coast Credit Reports (Credit Reporting)
KCB Information Services (Credit Reporting)
Credit Information Systems (Credit Reporting)
Credit Data Corp. (Credit Reporting)
Document Express (Flood Determination)
LPS Flood (Flood Determination)
StreetLinks National Appraisal Services (Appraisal Valuation)
1 Source Data (Credit Reporting)

Two additional service providers will also become available in the coming months: Lender Support
Systems, Inc. (LSSI) will offer document preparation services and Mortgage Connect will provide title

The new partner interfaces were added using ByteLink, Byte Softwares partner program, which uses standardized MISMO transactions to seamlessly communicate information from BytePro to the service provider. The interfaces allows for two-way communication so that the completed documents, such as appraisal reports, are accessible directly from within BytePro. ByteLink also allows for instant deployment of newly developed interfaces to the BytePro user base, eliminating the need for the end
user to manually update their software.

"With the addition of these ten new settlement services, Byte Software continues the tradition of providing quick and seamless access to the services our customers need," stated Joe Herb, Byte Softwares General Manager.

About Byte Software
Byte Software, founded in 1985 by mortgage professionals, is a leading provider of mortgage software solutions for banks, brokers and credit unions. Byte Software products streamline processes used by originators, processors and closers, allowing them to focus on generating additional business and revenue. Byte Software is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CBCInnovis, a leading provider of real estate settlement services and fraud prevention solutions. To learn more about Byte Software visit or call 800.695.1008.


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