Inlanta taps Jensen for regional VP of business development

by 10 Feb 2017

Inlanta Mortgage, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Brian Jensen as regional vice president of business development.  

Inlanta Mortgage President & CEO Nicholas DelTorto said, “Inlanta has seen significant growth over the past year. We moved our corporate headquarters to a new building to accommodate our expanding staff, we have added four branches within the last quarter, and we want to expand our footprint in Colorado and Texas and continue to grow our presence in the Northeast and elsewhere across the country. Brian Jensen will help us accomplish our planned growth strategy by serving a vital role on our business development team.”  

Jensen comes to Inlanta Mortgage with over 26 years in the mortgage business and has worked in both wholesale and retail sales, capital markets, finance, servicing, and REO management, giving him a remarkable base of expertise to adapt to changes in the market.

“There are some simple guiding principles behind Inlanta’s success that drew me to the company: integrity, strength, service, and respect,” Jensen said. “These guiding principles, along with their commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology and in having the best tools and process available to their highly qualified loan officers, are absolutely the secret sauce to this firm.

 “Inlanta operates with one-to-one partnerships between loan officers and the operations team,” he said. “The effect is an efficient, service focused, customer-centric mortgage operation. They have never wavered from a disciplined, conservative approach and have lived by the same simple philosophy for the last 23 years. For these reasons and many more, I am excited to be a part of this growing company.”

If you are a mortgage professional and looking to make a career change, please contact Brian Jensen at 630-927-0380 or [email protected].