Bemortgage to become CrossCountry Mortgage division

by Francis Monfort01 Oct 2018

Chicago-based mortgage firm bemortgage has announced that it will transition from a division of Bridgeview Bank Group to a division of CrossCountry Mortgage.

The move comes just 10 months after bemortgage established its name in the industry. The firm launched their brand in November 2017 with a handful of employees in a single state.

Now, bemortgage has grown to 21 lenders and more than 70 employees with a national reach. The company attributed its growth to its use of a streamlined loan process.

One of the factors in CrossCountry’s decision to integrate with the boutique lending firm is the expansive expertise within bemortgage’s departments. According to bemortgage, it recorded a $28.5 million average historical loan volume per originator, 122% volume growth over the last two quarters, and an annualized production volume of more than $900 million.

CrossCountry is a nationwide mortgage lender with licenses in 50 states and more than 200 branches. The company offers a portfolio of purchase and refinance products.