Authentic Leadership: If You Don't Believe It, How Can They?

by MPA10 Jul 2014
One of the core problems facing leaders today is one of authenticity. You hear someone say something on a stage, and then you watch the way they live and realize that it's completely different.

If you tell your people how you think they should behave, but you don't really believe it yourself, your message is falling on deaf ears. People don't listen to what you say, they listen to what you do.

If you don't believe what you're saying, how can you expect the people to whom you are speaking to believe it? True leadership is not merely an act; it's not a role or a performance. It's a lifestyle.

You've got to truly be committed to the core to what you claim to believe. If you aren't people will notice; and they won't listen to a word you're saying.


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