Atlanta vs. Boston: Which hometown spends more on housing?

by Anna Sobrevinas03 Feb 2017

Super Bowl LI is in two days – the world will be watching, and Atlanta folks and Bostonians will surely be watching to root for their teams. But which hometown spends more on comes to housing?

Data from Zillow reveals that when it comes to housing affordability, Atlanta wins hands down. Atlanta homeowners spend 11.7% of their income on mortgages, while Boston homeowners spend nearly twice as much with 21.3%.

Atlanta renters spend 25.5% of their income on rent; Boston renters spend 34.3%.

The median home value in the Atlanta metro area, with a population of 5.3 million, is $173,300. In Boston, population 4.6 million, the median home price is $412,300. The median rent in Atlanta is $1,333; in Boston it’s $2,329.

Whichever team wins, Boston sure spends more on housing.


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