Are Your Clients JUST Satisfied? by Tom Ninness

by 01 Apr 2008
Creating loyal clients is a must. By: Tom Ninness, Regional Production Manager for Cherry Creek Mortgage and President of Summit Champions, Inc. Tom is also the creator of the ?90 Day Journey for your Sales Success?. To learn about all of Summit Champion?s products, tools and strategies, go to or contact Tom at You have the perfect loan, the perfect clients, you make all of the dates on the contract and you even go to the closing. You?ve created a ?non-event? for the client so why wouldn?t they come back to you? There is truly a difference between creating loyalty and just having satisfied clients. After reading and pondering what I learned from the book by Jeffrey Gitomer titled, Customer Satisfaction is Worthless?, it has changed how I look at my clients. Tupper Brigg?s, one of the most dynamic real estate agents in the country, has had up to 73% of the listings in the town of Evergreen, Colorado at a given time. So, I want you to pretend that you?re a Realtor


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