Are you in one of the nation's most expensive markets?

by MPA13 Nov 2014
Are you in one of the nation’s most expensive markets? Well, if you’re in Silicon Valley or San Francisco, your customers may be paying Facebook money just for a place to live.

The most expensive place to live in the country is Los Altos, Calif., according to a CNBC report. The average four-bedroom, two-bath house costs $1,963,100 there. That’s about 30 times the average cost of a similar home in Cleveland, the most affordable market in the country.

In fact, California holds nine spots in a list of the 10 most expensive markets in the country. the most expensive places to live in the country are:
  1. Los Altos, CA (average price: $1,963,100)
  2. Newport Beach, CA (average price: $1,904,083)
  3. Saratoga, CA (average price: $1,867,980)
  4. Redwood City/Woodside, CA (average price: $1,430,329)
  5. Los Gatos, CA (average price: $1,307,408)
  6. San Francisco, CA (average price: $1,294,250)
  7. Sunnyvale, CA (average price: $1,267,185)
  8. Moraga, CA (average price: $1,129,300)
  9. San Mateo, CA (average price: $1,093,346)
  10. Wellesley, MA (average price: $1,090,089)


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