AMC’s pilot program slashes appraisal turn times by 20%

by Ryan Smith14 Nov 2016
An appraisal management company recently conducted an experiment in Cook County, Ill., that paid high dividends – a reduction in turn time by more than 20% over three months.

InHouseUSA invited eligible appraisers from its Illinois panel to enroll in a pilot program aimed at reducing turn times. The appraisers worked with the InHouseUSA team to find ways to add efficiency to the appraisal process.

Meanwhile, the technology team at InHouseUSA worked with appraisers to fine-tune the AMC’s platform. A new mobile application was launched to give appraisers easy access to files, help them quickly locate their appraisals with a progressive search, get notifications, book appointments, manage their schedule and get status updates while out of the office.

In addition to the system and process improvements, the company offered incentives to appraisers who met turn time and volume requirements.

“All these efforts paid off handsomely – appraiser turn times for the pilot went down 20% from March to June,” InHouseUSA said in a release. “What makes this result even more remarkable is that the experiment was conducted during the busy spring/early summer period.”

While the InHouseUSA pilot in Cook County saw turn times decrease, they increased in the rest of Illinois over the same period.

The company is currently rolling the program out to the state of Minnesota for further testing.


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