Alpha Modus partners with ayfie for mortgage contract analytics

by Candyd Mendoza06 Mar 2019

Software company ayfie has signed a licensing agreement with Alpha Modus, a financial technological provider, to power mortgage-related contract analytics.

The integration will leverage ayfie’s AI engine, identifying data points with high precision, as well as streamlining analysis and process automation. The initial release this month will include document indexing, metadata extraction, and workflows to automate the evaluation of mortgage documents.

"Designed to integrate with the mortgage pricing and risk management software MIAC Analytics, Alpha Modus' Assure platform, powered by ayfie's technology, will drive workflows into MIAC's VeriFi product,” said Alpha Modus CEO William Alessi. “Through MIAC, we will streamline the mortgage due diligence process by extracting key metadata compiled throughout the loan origination process. This will, in turn, provide actionable insights to a broad range of mortgage industry participants."

"By strategically aligning with Alpha Modus, we're launching an extremely sophisticated mortgage pricing and risk management software suite. Working closely with thought leaders in verticals like the mortgage market, allows us to solve specific and costly problems in the industry. We'll continue to innovate with Alpha Modus for data-driven process automation in the mortgage industry moving forward," said Rob Wescott, chief strategy officer at ayfie.