Alight changes names as it expands beyond mortgage industry

by Francis Monfort17 Jul 2018

Alight, a provider of industry-cloud, value-chain management applications, has announced that it changed its name to Riivos as it plans to expand its offering beyond the mortgage industry.

The company, which also currently serves the mining industry, plans to reach the life sciences and oil and gas industry groups later this year.

Alight Mortgage Solutions offers budgeting, reporting, and forecasting applications specifically engineered for mortgage lending.

Riivos offers cloud applications built by industry experts that combine the company’s advanced technology platform with industry expertise. The company said that its platform allows non-programmers to configure new-industry applications in weeks, enabling it to move into new vertical industries quickly.

Riivos supports two-way data integration with ERPs, operational systems, and financial applications using web-service APIs. The company’s built-in algorithmic calculation service produces financial and operational metrics in real-time.

"Today, billions of dollars in stakeholder value are waiting to be captured by organizations that shift their teams into a real-time decision flow," Riivos CEO Michele McGovern. "We're on a mission to eliminate the latency between strategy and operations, and between idea and impact so that our customers can manage their future with confidence. In addition to adding new industry groups, we're working on enhanced predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities to help customers achieve increased levels of enterprise value."


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