AIME declares National Mortgage Brokers Day

by Contributor17 Jul 2018

Throughout the year, there are countless national holidays to celebrate. Nearly everyone has heard of National Ice Cream Day, National Teacher Day and National Siblings Day. Yet there’s one day that has been missing from our calendars – National Mortgage Brokers Day.

The Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME) is pleased to present National Mortgage Brokers Day, a day to celebrate and recognize the unique value that mortgage brokers bring to the home buying process and why they are the best choice for home buyers. Below is everything you need to know to make the most out of this new national day.

What is National Mortgage Brokers Day?
National Mortgage Brokers Day is a newly created national day to recognize independent mortgage brokers throughout the United States. AIME will lead a variety of efforts to recognize the expertise of the mortgage broker community and what makes choosing a mortgage broker the best option for home buyers.

When is National Mortgage Brokers Day?
National Mortgage Brokers Day is on July 18th and will be an annual celebration.

Why did AIME create National Mortgage Brokers Day?
AIME recognized the need for a day to appreciate the work that independent mortgage brokers do not only for the mortgage industry, but for home buyers as well. One of the goals of National Mortgage Brokers Day is to bring awareness to the benefits of using an independent mortgage broker over a bank or retail lender. Historically, brokers have not been given recognition for the expertise and high-end service they offer home buyers and it’s time for brokers to be regarded as the experts and advisors that they are.

How can brokers and others in the mortgage community get involved?
Special Logo – AIME has created a special logo for National Mortgage Brokers Day. We encourage everyone in the mortgage community to share this logo and spread the word about National Mortgage Brokers Day.

Blog Articles – Over the next few days, AIME will be sharing articles and resources that brokers can use to educate their clients about why working with an independent mortgage broker offers them much more than a monetary transaction. Please feel free to share these articles and resources with your networks. – AIME’s webpage exclusively for National Mortgage Brokers Day. Find more information, resources and ways to participate in this special day.

Thank A Broker – AIME has designed an e-card that lenders and others who work with mortgage brokers can personalize and send to broker clients and partners (contact AIME for the e-card if interested).

The Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME) is a national trade association created exclusively for independent mortgage brokers. Its mission is to establish a community of independent mortgage experts by creating an association that empowers them with the tools, resources and support necessary to successfully advise consumers nationwide with their residential mortgage needs; cultivate ideas, provide exclusive benefits and impact legislative and social progress through advocacy and education. AIME operates with a growth-focused strategy, providing tools and resources to propel the wholesale channel beyond 20% share of the mortgage market by 2020. For more information, visit


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