A glimpse into the future of 'virtual realty'

by Steve Randall09 Jan 2018
The rise of virtual reality (realty perhaps?) is set to be the next big thing in real estate according to a consumer survey.

The poll of 3,000 people conducted by Harris for Coldwell Banker Real Estate found that 77% of respondents who are planning to buy a home in the future would like the ability to take a virtual tour ahead of an actual visit.

The burgeoning tech was only 7 percentage points behind the share of consumers who want to view video of homes.

Imaginative prospective homebuyers want VR tech to go further though, by allowing them to see how their existing furniture might fit in a potential new home.

Benefits to real estate agents
Realtors may find embracing tech will be a deal breaker in the future with 62% of respondents saying they would choose an agent who offers VR tours over one who doesn’t.

"It's crucial that the real estate industry stays on the cutting edge of technology,” commented David Marine, senior vice president of marketing of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “From virtual reality to smart home tech, consumers are now interacting with these technologies in different capacities and expect the same when working with a real estate professional.”

Smart home tech
The survey also shows that highlighting smart home technology is also welcomed by potential buyers.

The items that respondents would most like to already installed in their new home are:
  • Smart thermostat (77%)
  • Smart fire detector (75%)
  • Smart carbon monoxide detector (70%)
  • Smart camera (66%)
  • Smart lock (63%)
  • Smart lighting system (63%)


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