• Liberal markets face bigger housing challenges by MPA

    In honor of Election Day, digital realtor Trulia has studied the 100 largest U.S. metros and found that longer-term housing issues like declining affordability, low homeownership and rising inequality play out differently in Democratic- and Republican-leaning areas.

  • Twitter: Who’s doing it right and how you can too by Kendall Greenwood

    Conveying your mortgage business' message in a 140-character tweet can be difficult. What's even tougher is making that statement stand out among a sea of other tweets. However, with the right tools, your brokerage can easily engage the almost 300 million active users on Twitter.

  • Rate Snapshot: Bond, mortgage markets continue to hold bullish measurements by MPA

    Recent data out implies there is still a very strong demand for U.S. treasuries even with the end of the Fed’s QE3.


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