• U.S. Real Estate Faces Lowest Inventory in More Than a Decade by

    Residential real estate has gone from dismal to a sellers' market in just over a year. Once home prices stopped finally declining in early 2012, investors picked up their pace of acquisition in regional markets that where particularly affected by the housing downturn: Phoenix, Las Vegas, South Florida, and various markets in California. Inventories in those markets quickly tumbled, but that same situation is spreading to other metropolitan areas.

  • Investors Relish in the Jumbo Mortgage Market by

    The jumbo mortgage market in the United States was virtually non-existent from 2008 until late 2010, but this was not due to a complete lack of demand or drastic property price reduction.

  • Trends in Residential Real Estate: The New Urbanism by

    I recently visited a friend who purchased a condo in a “new urbanism” development. As I drove into the parking structure I realized I was in the center of a newer shopping mall in Salt Lake City.


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