White Americans own a disproportionate share of homes says study

by Steve Randall26 Sep 2019

A new analysis of the 50 largest metros in the US found that white Americans make up an average of 59% of the population in their metro, but they own around 73% of the metro’s owner-occupied homes.

LendingTree’s study found that this was most prevalent in the New York metros where the share of those that identify as white Americans is 47% but they own almost 69% of homes; a gap of more than 21%.

The Pittsburgh metro has the smallest gap between the share of the population that identifies as white American (86%) and own more than 93% of occupier-owned homes.

A previous LendingTree study looked at black American homeownership rates and found that nationally it was 41.1% compared to 73.2% for white Americans.

And in the 50 largest metros, Americans who identify as black make up an average of 15% of the population but only own around 10% of owner-occupied homes.

Black Americans owned the largest share of homes in San Jose, CA with 1.5% owned by the 2.33% share of the population who identify as black. The smallest share was in Memphis, TN, where black people make up 47% of the population but own 35% of owner-occupied homes.

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