Where are Americans hoping to move to next?

by Steve Randall03 Feb 2020

Homebuyers are searching for less expensive purchases and are willing to move area to buy a home.

A new analysis from Zillow has found that Las Vegas is getting the most home listing searches from out of the area of all the 50 largest US metros, followed by Jacksonville, FL, and San Antonio, TX.

Meanwhile, those homebuyers who live in St. Louis, MO, are most likely to search for local homes, followed by Detroit, MI, and Jacksonville, FL.

"Americans tend to be mobile, regularly seeking out new homes in an effort to balance career opportunities, family needs and the kinds of lifestyles available in our diverse country," said Zillow Economist Jeff Tucker. "The homes people view on Zillow paint a real-time picture of Americans' changing aspirations and preferences, sometimes years before they show up in public survey data.”

The analysis is based on search trends from 2019 and reveal the ongoing movement of people out of the Northeast, as New Yorkers especially drift southward into the Sun Belt, and a few Midwestern cities where households are likely to stay put – St. Louis, Detroit and Cleveland.

“Whether they're considering a job they don't end up taking, checking out a place a friend just moved into or simply daydreaming about what life might be like in another part of the country, vastly more people view listings in another city than actually move out of town in any given year" added Tucker.

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