What are today's homebuyers falling in love with?

by Steve Randall13 Feb 2020

What features are in demand right now for homebuyers searching for ‘the one’?

That’s what a realtor.com analysis has discovered by looking at the must-have features that homebuyers are looking for across the US.

Understanding what makes buyers’ hearts skip a beat can help real estate agents to get a commitment that leads to a lasting relationship.

"While some of the country's most-loved home features, such as accessory dwelling units or lakefront properties, will likely fetch a premium on the open market, others are more matters of the heart," said George Ratiu, senior economist, realtor.com®. "Maybe you grew up in a certain style of home or have always dreamed of having a big yard -- everyone's vision of home is unique and being able to search for what makes a house perfect for you can help you find true love in a new home."

Some of the features that help buyers fall in love with a home are pretty common across the nation such as fabulous pools and stunning water views, while others are regional favorites.

For example, in Maine buyers want a cabin or cottage – known locally as going “upta camp” while those in New York want a balcony. For Wyoming, space for horses lead the search terms while in Massachusetts it’s the ‘mother-in-law’ who takes priority.

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