Roostify CEO named among 'most intriguing' entrepreneurs

by Steve Randall18 Oct 2019

One of the co-founders of mortgage lending platform Roostify has been honored for innovation by Goldman Sachs.

The Wall Street financial institution named Rajesh Bhat among the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2019 at its three day Builders + Innovators Summit.

Bhat co-founded Roostify in 2012 and is the firm’s CEO, leading at team that has grown from just 3 at inception to more than 100 today. The firm has processed more than $250 billion in loans with monthly processing of $20 billion in loans across numerous industry-leading lending institutions.

“I am honored to be recognized for the work we are doing to advance the consumer home lending experience,” said Bhat. “I am proud to stand alongside other entrepreneurs whom I greatly respect and who are each working to transform their respective industries and help customers in new and innovative ways.”

Before he started Roostify, Bhat was with boutique transaction advisory firm Pace Harmon and began his career with global ‘big 4’ services firm Ernst & Young having graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science.

New HQ
The firm has recently relocated its San Francisco headquarters to a new location in the city’s Financial District.

The modern space is designed with co-working in mind and utilizes the latest collaboration technology along with spaces for yoga, meditation, and quiet working.

“As a high growth company, it is critical to have a flexible environment for co-creation of new products and capabilities with clients and time and space for our employees to imagine the future,” said Bhat. “We found a space that met our need for an innovative and collaborative environment that our team could enjoy for many years.”

Roostify Co-Founder and CEO Rajesh Bhat (Photo: Business Wire)

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