Realtors say staging helps speed up home sales

by Steve Randall14 Mar 2019

Realtors are in little doubt of the value of staging a home according to a new NAR survey.

It found that an overwhelming 83% of buyers’ agents say that staging helps clients to visualize a property as their home and 53% of sellers’ agents say that staging can decrease the time a home takes to sell (25% say it greatly decreases time, 28% say it slightly decreases time).

44% of buyers' agents say that staging a home increased the financial offer on a home, with some suggesting as much as 12%; but 29% said it has no impact on dollar value; and 1% felt that staging has a negative impact on a home's dollar value.

A similar share of sellers’ agents also say that staging a home increases the financial offer, but none reported a negative impact from home staging.

"Buying a house is more than a financial decision; it is an emotional decision as well. Buyers aren't just making an investment in a property, they are purchasing a place to call home; to raise their children; to begin a new chapter; or to retire to a new season of life," said NAR President John Smaby.

Which rooms should be staged?
Almost half of buyers’ agents (47%) said that the living room is the most important to stage, followed by the master bedroom (42%), and the kitchen (35%) but sellers’ agents ranked those same rooms in the reverse order.

In addition to staging, 95% of agents recommended sellers declutter the home, 89% recommend an entire home cleaning, and 83% recommend removing pets from the home during showings. Other pre-sale projects include carpet cleaning, depersonalizing the home and making minor repairs.

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