hopes to tap into homebuyer emotions with new ads

by Steve Randall24 Jul 2019 is hoping to provide some reality to realty in its latest advertising campaign.

The listings site is poking fun at the kind of stereotypes seen on TV which create unattainable ideals for homebuyers, with its ‘Homes, for the Real Us’ campaign which will run this fall.

"There are a lot of fantasies out there when it comes to where you live, but the reality of owning your own home outshines every megamansion, every mountainside retreat, every ultra-modern, minimal abode. It's where you spend time and make memories with the people who matter most in your life," said Andrew Strickman, head of brand and chief creative for®

Each of the new spots starts with an overly dramatized, over-the-top fantasy home and lifestyle. Viewers are then shown a real person searching for a normal home in a more realistic price range using®.

"Today's world, be it through television shows, celebrities, influencers, or social media, can set some very unreal expectations on what life should be. But people don't live in that unreal world, they live in a very real world with very real needs and especially with very real budgets," said Fede Garcia, global executive creative director at Huge, the agency that created the campaign.

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