Reali launches cash buyer program with as little as zero down

by Steve Randall27 Jun 2019

Technology-based real estate firm Reali is offering a cash buyer program for users of its platform.

The Reali Cash Offer program enables qualified buyers to make an all-cash offer with as little as zero percent down, which it says will help buyers especially in tight markets where competition is high, often due to investors participation.

The program is currently only available in California, where the firm says cash offers are 40% more likely to succeed than financed ones. They also estimate that buyers save around 2% when buying with cash.

Reali already offers a rebate for buyers using its platform and mortgages through its Reali Loans division which launched after the firm acquired online lending platform Lenda in April.

Buyers using the cash offers program must be approved by Reali Loans before they can place their cash offer.

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