Proposed HUD budget to boost homeownership, healthy homes

by Steve Randall13 Feb 2018

The Trump Administration has proposed a $41.24 billion spending plan for the HUD in the 2019 fiscal year, with a modest 1% rise in discretionary funding over last year’s request.

The budget aims to continue or expand support for vulnerable populations including those experiencing homelessness, the elderly and persons living with disabilities.

"The budget lays out a vision for a government that is efficient, effective, and accountable. It provides for a strong national defense, lays the groundwork for further economic growth and opportunity through reduced regulatory burdens and taxes, and recognizes the importance of aggressively addressing our nation's fiscal challenges," said HUD Secretary Ben Carson. "I am confident HUD will deliver on its core programs, assist our most vulnerable populations, and make significant enhancements to our programs where needed."

A record $2.4 billion is sought to end homelessness and is a $133 million increase from last year’s request.  There are also increases of $91 million for programs to support the elderly, and $19 million to support the disabled.

There is an extra $400 billion in new loan guarantee authority for the FHA including funding to upgrade the agency’s aging technology. In addition, the Budget seeks $550 billion in new guarantee authority for Ginnie Mae, a part of HUD.

The Administration is also seeking $62 million to support HUD's fair housing mission; and $145 million to promote healthy and lead-safe housing.

The full proposed budget is available at

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