Mortgage software gives originators credit score expertise

by Steve Randall12 Nov 2018

An updated mortgage software solution automatically runs through hundreds of options to find the best combination of actions borrowers can take to improve their credit scores.

The updated CreditXpert Wayfinder  means that originators can offer clear action plans to clients without having to be a credit score expert.

“In today's market, lenders are facing diminishing loan volume and low pull-through rates. CreditXpert Wayfinder gives lenders the edge they need to thrive and not just survive,” said Dave Chung, co-founder and managing director of CreditXpert Inc. “With CreditXpert Wayfinder, MLOs don’t need to be experts to educate borrowers with high confidence on how to improve their credit scores to the level required for a loan program or pricing. CreditXpert Wayfinder does the heavy lifting to consistently help credit-challenged borrowers achieve the American dream of home ownership.”

Average score improvement of 27 points
The new solution offers a way to achieve an average 27-point credit score improvement for clients and a 30+ point improvement for over half of clients with scores below 640.

It is designed for any time a client’s credit score precludes them from the best rates.

“Borrowers expect MLOs to provide the expertise they need to get a great mortgage loan, while MLOs want to have the right tools to help them close more loans and ensure great experiences for borrowers and referral partners,” said Chung. “CreditXpert Wayfinder is the easiest and most reliable way to get borrowers the score they need to qualify for the right mortgage loan for them.”


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