How's this for deal, buy a t-shirt and get a free Miami condo

by Steve Randall06 Dec 2019

As a marketing gimmick to sell condos it’s certainly an interesting proposition.

Buyers of a limited edition t-shirt from iconic fashion brand Diesel will get a free condo in a new Miami development as part of the deal.

The devil, as is often the case, is in the detail and for this deal there is a catch; the range of 100% pure cotton garments come with hefty price tags ranging from U$370,000 up to $5.5 million!

The Diesel Wynward development boasts 143 condo apartments and is the fashion brand’s first foray into real estate. It has partnered with Bel Invest Group for the 8-level condo building as part of a wider redevelopment of the city’s Wynward district.

The design-heavy apartments are unique homes that incorporate features that acknowledge the area’s industrial heritage. There are also water views and amenities with the ground floor also providing commercial space.

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