Black Knight launches virtual analytics lab

by Steve Randall06 Feb 2019

Black Knight Inc. has announced the launch of its Rapid Analytics Platform, a completely cloud-based platform for working with big data.

As a virtual analytics lab it will enable users to source and upload data, execute queries, perform complex analytics, and train machine-learning models – all in a single workspace.

“RAP is a unique technology platform that was designed for the mortgage and capital markets industries and can be used out of the box, on day one, to support virtually endless possibilities,” said Anthony Jabbour, Black Knight’s CEO. “This innovative tool delivers computational power an order of magnitude greater than what most firms have in-house and enables data scientists and analysts to deliver faster insights and help their companies enhance performance, identify new revenue opportunities, increase efficiencies, and reduce risk.”

With pre-built queries and analytics models, connecting to Black Knight’s comprehensive and regularly updated data assets, and advanced analytics, RAP aims to transform the way mortgage industry and capital markets professionals work with large data sets and advanced analytics.

“As a big data incubator, there is simply nothing else like RAP on the market, particularly for those who focus on housing-related assets – whether it’s the mortgage industry, capital markets, or any of the fields adjacent to those,” said Ben Graboske, president of Black Knight’s Data & Analytics division. “The speed with which analysts and data scientists can now explore multiple scenarios, see results, change parameters and run whole scenarios again is unparalleled.”



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