Greg Williamson

Lendesk's landmark year continues

Recent months have seen the fintech launch Finmo Pro at no monthly cost and introduce new industry-first product features

A mortgage in minutes

Technological advances are giving mortgage brokers greater freedom than ever to focus on what’s important, writes Lendesk’s Greg Williamson

Lendesk's Finmo shows the importance of choice in technology platforms

Broker owners on why the platform has been the right choice for their business

Lendesk's chief revenue officer on why competition remains critical to the mortgage industry

Lendesk's chief revenue officer on why competition remains critical to industry

A look inside Lendesk's acquisition of Finmo

The recent deal is likely to strengthen Lendesk's position in the Canadian market

Lendesk acquires digital mortgage origination provider Finmo

Lendesk Technologies , the premier FinTech provider for Canada’s mortgage industry professionals

Really? Bloomberg Weekly Did What?

One leading mortgage marketing coach suggests brokers employ a similar strategy recently used by Bloomberg Businessweek: Pattern interruption.

Brokers on dealing with rate hikes

TD has now joined the increasing number of lenders pushing up fixed rates – a trend expected to see even seasoned brokers return to chasing down leads but also to deepening their value-add beyond basis points.

Catching 'cold clients' on your hook

Referral clients reign supreme, with a growing number of industry players now refusing to take cold calls.

The medium is the message at today's Mortgage Summit

The opening keynote message for brokers at today’s Mortgage Summit was the need to balance creativity, technology and profit to define success.