Deb White

Top 75 Brokers 2022

This year's Top 75 Brokers have delivered favourable services and deals amid economic complexities

"Diversification is going to help us go a long way"

Women and minorities are making their mark in the mortgage space

New CMBA-BC president on "historic" all-woman executive board

Four women have taken the top four spots on the board for the first time in CMBA-BC's 31-year history

BC industry group elects head of historic all-women executive board

This marks the industry association’s first all-women top-level team in its three-decade history

Canadians make up almost a third of this year's Mortgage Global 100

Canadians prove once again they are at the vanguard of the industry

Brokers recognized in Whistler

DLC wrapped up its national sales conference over the weekend, but not before doling out awards to some of its brokers

First round of Canadian Mortgage Awards finalists unveiled

Starting today will begin unveiling finalists for the Canadian Mortgage Awards – set to draw hundreds of industry professionals to Toronto's Liberty Grand May 9.

Women underrepresented in mortgage industry?

More than half of poll participants in a recent BMO Wealth Management survey believe women face a ‘glass ceiling’ in the financial services industry and one broker believes the same applies to mortgage brokers.

MBABC elects new president, board of directors

The Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia gathered yesterday to pick a new leader and board of directors for the coming year.

Brokers channel pumps $1.2 million into charity

Growing originations wasn't the only focus of brokers this year, with their collective efforts for charity surpassing last year's grit, determination and, indeed, generosity.