Office address: 55 Superior Boulevard, Mississauga, ON, L5T 2X9 
Website: www.fnf.ca  
Year established: 1990s 
Company type: insurance 
Employees: 200+ 
Expertise: mortgage settlement services, transaction management services, appraisal management services, tax services, title insurance services, and collection services 
Parent company: Fidelity National Financial Inc. 
CEO and key people: Dustin Allan, President 
Financing status: corporate backed or acquired 

FNF Canada is a beacon of innovation in the Canadian mortgage and loan industry. With more than two decades of comprehensive service, FNF Canada has established itself as a key player, offering a wide array of services to large and small Canadian lenders. 

History of FNF Canada 

How did FNF Canada get here? The journey of FNF Canada began as LandCanada in the early 1990s, when its founders pioneered standardized transaction management for mortgage processing. This innovative approach was more efficient and cost-effective than traditional methods. And it quickly gained traction. The company's first lender program was awarded by a major Canadian financial institution, which is a relationship that has been maintained ever since.  

In 2003, LandCanada was acquired by Fidelity National Financial Inc., ultimately creating FNF Canada.  

This marked a significant milestone, transforming FNF Canada into a national brand with a strong presence across the country. 

Products and Services of FNF Canada 

FNF Canada offers a diverse range of products and services, each designed to streamline and enhance the mortgage process. These products and services include: 

  • title insured closing services: for refinances, lines of credit, and transfers/switches 

  • purchase transaction instructing and funding: streamlining the purchase process 

  • transfer out service: facilitating smooth property transfers 

  • mortgage discharge fulfillment: efficient handling of mortgage discharges 

  • appraisal management solutions: including full, drive-by, and desktop appraisals 

  • title insurance: provided by Chicago Title (affiliate underwriter), offering comprehensive protection 

  • property tax reporting services: including tax account, status reporting, and verification 

Culture at FNF Canada 

FNF Canada fosters a culture rooted in autonomy and entrepreneurship—and demands action. The company emphasizes customer-oriented service, minimizing bureaucracy, and encouraging employee ownership. Adherence to the highest standards of conduct is paramount, ensuring a cohesive and effective work environment. 

About FNF Canada President Dustin Allan 

Dustin Allan, the president of FNF Canada, brings more than 15 years of experience in the Canadian financial services industry. His expertise spans operations, marketing, and sales roles. Allan, an MBA graduate from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business, oversees all major business lines of FNF Canada, driving customer satisfaction and service excellence. 

The Future at FNF Canada 

FNF Canada is poised for continued growth and innovation. With a focus on evolving technology and service offerings, the company is well-equipped to adapt to the changing needs of the market and its clients. FNF Canada's commitment to providing value-added services and maintaining strong client relationships positions it as a forward-thinking leader in the mortgage and loan services industry. 

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