Unity is the only path to victory

by MPA22 Jul 2016

Within the last week or so, at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump was finally put forth as the official candidate for the US presidency by the Republican Party. To say that Mr. Trump's campaign has been filled with controversy would be an understatement. Many Republicans have expressed extreme disapproval of him, and there are many who still will not give their support. In the end, however, the party has a whole came together and made the decision to nominate Trump. Why? Because I believe they recognized one simple truth: unity is the only path to victory.

Regardless of where we stand politically or how we feel about Donald Trump, most of us would agree that our country is desperately in need of unity right now. The violence occurring in Minneapolis, Dallas, and Baton Rouge has shaken us as a nation, and many of us are at a loss in regards to how we should respond. Whatever we do, though, if we do not have unity as our aim, it cannot succeed.

Of course, this principle is not only true in political or with social issues. It's also true in business. As a leader in your organization, you must always ask yourself, "are my people unified?" Does your team share a common purpose, or are there fundamental divisions that are tearing you apart? You've got to address this question immediately. Unity is everything. We move forward much faster when we're moving together.