TRID panic: Don't let the stress manage you

by David Lykken27 May 2015
As the deadline for TRID approaches, tensions are high. It can be easy to succumb to the overwhelming amount of stress that is involved in the transition. And it's completely reasonable to be stressed out during such a stressful time.

But here's the problem: stress negatively impacts performance. If you're stressed, you can't possibly execute with the kind of clarity and precision necessary to be successful.

In preparation for TRID, as well as during any other major event, we as leaders in the mortgage industry need to learn to manage our stress. There are countless stress management techniques, and you need to find something that works for you. You could get up a few minutes early and ease into your day. You could take a "vacation" every day – a short 20 minute break doing something nice and easy that relaxes you. You could spend time in prayer or meditation – whatever works. Just as long as you're doing something.

If you don't manage your stress, it's going to manage you. As a leader in the mortgage industry, you've got to have a strong locus of control. You've got to have power over every situation – no matter how much pressure is put on you to get through it. If you are overcome with stress, you cannot possibly be in the right frame of mind to make the decisions necessary to achieve success.

Do you regularly practice any stress management techniques? If not, now might be a good time to start. As TRID integration edges closer and closer, how well you implement and adapt to the changes will be directly proportional to how well you manage the inevitable pressure that comes along with it.


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