The secret to delegating successfully

by David Lykken06 Jul 2017
At some point, every leader gets to the point that they need to start delegating some of their responsibilities. Most leaders in the mortgage industry start out as entrepreneurs or “intrapreneurs.” They either start their companies, or they start out at entry-level and work their way up to leadership. As such, they are used to getting their hands dirty and doing the work. Nevertheless, once these folks reach a certain level of leadership, it's no longer feasible for them to do all the work themselves. Sooner or later, delegating becomes a necessity.
Letting go of that control can be a challenge, though. You can trust yourself, but how do you know you can trust others. If you give the wrong person responsibility and the work doesn't get done, the blame always comes back on you as a leader. Delegating may sound like an easy gig, but leaders still bear the weight of responsibility even when they aren't actually doing the work. So how can you make sure you're doing delegating right?
In the end, it all boils down to having the right people on your team. Great delegation begins with great recruitment and great training. First, are you hiring people you can trust? Are you putting enough into your hiring efforts that you can ensure the people working for you are dedicated to the mission of your organization? Then, you've got to think about how you're developing your people once you've got them onboard. Are you giving them opportunities to grow? If you can be sure  you've got your recruiting and training down, then you shouldn't have any problem whatsoever with delegating successfully.

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