The most important feature of technology

by MPA12 Feb 2016
I've written and spoken a great deal on the importance of mortgage professionals adopting the latests technologies to maximize effectiveness and efficiency in their businesses. And I must admit, I feel a natural attract to the things that are shiny and new. I want to be the first to try something out to see how it works.

Technology has revolutionized the mortgage industry. We can process loans faster, keep documents more secure, adhere more closely to regulations, and generate more leads easier than we ever have before. Our industry is full of vendors that are constantly innovating to bring us the greatest possible products. But, at the end of the day, what is really the most important thing about technology.

If I were to identify one feature of any given technology as being the most important, it would have to be usability. How easy is the technology for people who are unfamiliar with it to use? What's the learning curve? This is important because, if it's too much trouble to figure out, people simple won't use it. And it doesn't matter what it can do if people don't know how to use it.

When you're looking for a technology product to bring into your organization, think about usability. Will it be easy to obtain buy-in from your team? Will using the technology be natural to them, or will it be like pulling teeth to get them to learn? Look for technology that gets results, of course. But don't forget to look for the technology that is also user-friendly.


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