The importance of values in creating work-life balance

by 16 Jun 2016
Work life balance is one of the most challenging issues for leaders in the mortgage industry. First, we want to push our people hard for results to build the business, but we also want to give them the freedom to focus on their families. But in addition to how we manage our team, we also have to make sure we ourselves aren't neglecting our families by focusing too much on the business side of things. So how do we achieve this balance?

On the June 23 episode of my Lykken on Lending podcast, I had the opportunity to interview mortgage industry legal expert Mitch Kider and his three sons. Throughout the conversation, we got a sense of how Mitch juggled the responsibilities of growing his business and paying enough attention to his family. One of Mitch's sons told us that, growing up, the way Mitch showed commitment to his career without neglecting his family was by instilling the right values. He placed a great emphasis on academic and professional success but always insisted that family was the most importance thing of all.

This insight is important for those of us who are trying to raise kids while working in the mortgage industry. How we are perceived by our kids will be the direct result of the values we pass on to them. If we teach them to value the right things, they'll have a respect for what we're doing when we have to put in extra hours because they'll know that our hard work has the ultimate goal of building a better life for them.


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