How involved should you be in your marketing?

by 03 Aug 2015
As leaders in the mortgage industry, marketing is an important area that we all should be focusing on. How we position ourselves to potential customers, investors, and the general public is vastly important – as it shapes the way we are perceived by others. If we want our public image to represent who we really are, we've got to stay on top of our marketing.

An issue that inevitably comes up, then, is the classic "make or buy" question. Should we do our marketing in-house, or should we hire a vendor to do it? Velma, the digital marketing vendor I use, allows levels of customization with a "set it and forget it" feature in which the marketing is completely automated as well as the ability to customize each marketing message. But, even with these capabilities, the question still remains, should you get involved – or should you let someone else do the work for you?

In the end, I think all depends on your particular business. This isn't a question that can be answered one way for all organizations. Personally, I like to be heavily involved in my marketing. Each time a marketing message goes out, I like to know what is being communicated and how it is being communicated. If you don't want to be involved so heavily, it is important that you select a vendor you trust and that you clearly communicate the message you want to the vendor so that you are properly represented.

The most important thing is that your organization has the integrity to be committed to serving its customers, but none of that is going to matter if people can't see it. And marketing is the window through which the world sees who you really are.


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