How clarity in your process improves your culture

by 09 Feb 2017

by David Lykken

The everyday hustle and bustle of business is hectic. In the mortgage industry, there are so many moving pieces that it can quickly become difficult to tell which way is up. If you aren't deliberate about creating a structured process for your organization, everything can fall apart in the blink of an eye. Process is absolutely vital to the sustainable success of any organization.

Aside from the obvious, though, there's another great reason to refine your process—it makes it infinitely easier on your people. When there is clarity in the process, there is serenity in the culture. Here are a few reasons why:

  • People understand their roles in the organization. They never have to wonder if they're focusing on the right activities, because they know where they belong. When people understand what they're supposed to be doing, they are much more effective and efficient at doing it. This structure provides a peace of mind that creates a more cohesive culture.
  • People understand the roles of others in the organization. Clarity in the business process helps people to see the big picture. They can see how everyone contributes to the team to make the company as a whole more successful. Understanding the process helps eliminate the potential for finger-pointing and confusion when things go wrong. Everyone knows who's responsible for each activity, so nothing is left to question.

Having any trouble with your organizational culture? First things first: take a look at your process. Clearing it up can go a long way in solving your cultural problems before you have to do anything else.