Great leaders elevate their people

by MPA21 Sep 2015
If you are an investor and you are evaluating the likelihood of a company to succeed, there is perhaps no better time to be in the game. Of course, you've got all of the information in the annual reports and quarterly statements. And you've got real-time stock prices broadcast on the hour across countless TV channels, radio stations, and websites. There is no shortage of financial data on how well a company is doing today.

But there is something that none of this information can tell you -- all of the available data doesn't reveal the quality of the people working for the organizations in question. Sure, you can read bios about executives in reports and on websites, but it's the lower-level managers and front-line workers that really keep the organization running on a day-to-day business. And it's those unnamed people, those anonymous members of the team, that can really make all the difference between success and failure in a company.

Every company is made great by the people in it. Great leaders tie the success of their organizations to the strength of their people. The ones whose names don't show up in the annual report are the ones who really need the recognition. They are the ones doing the day-in, day-out work that makes success possible. The best organizations will be those who invest in their people and give them the credit for success. No organization can maintain a successful track record without a culture that values its people.


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