A great vendor is a good partner

by MPA22 Jun 2015

I recently listened to a podcast that discussed the importance of content creators having good editors. An editor can help you smooth out the rough edges of your material and clarify your content to meet the needs of your audience. But I think the lesson applies not only to editors helping writers and speakers; it also applies to all vendors helping their customers.

 In my business, I partner with a marketing company that not only disseminates my material but also helps me refine my message. And I use the word "partner" for a reason. While the company is a vendor in the strict sense that I pay them for a service, the relationship feels like a partnership. The people at Velma aren't only interested in providing the service and being compensated for it; they are also interested in the success of my business as a result of their work.

In the mortgage industry, we have countless vendors to help us carry out our responsibilities. And few of us would doubt the importance of choosing good vendors. A single bad vendor can make or break an organization.

My suggestion is to go beyond vendors and seek out partners. You want to work with people who feel like they have a stake in your business. Relationships always provide a greater return than transactions. Look for people who want to be in it with you for the long haul. A great vendor is a good partner.


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