Your loan officers can be a great source for recruiting

by MPA20 Oct 2015
Part III: I am a manager that has been trying to recruit. I have limited time because I am also the top producer in the office. I have been running ads on job sites and a few other places, but the results have been terrible. What am I doing wrong?
--Beth from California

Last week we spoke about using vendors to help you within the recruiting process. Now we will talk about a part of your sphere that is so close, it is literally under your nose. What we are referring to is your present loan officers and other employees. Most companies have an incentive program for their loan officers to recruit, but few make it part of their overall recruiting plan. In your last sales meeting, how much time did you spend talking to your loan officers about their role in recruiting?

When a present loan officer brings in a contact, it affirms their loyalty and gets them focused upon the positive segments of the organization. Plus it helps them grow because they can become mentors, a step towards management. There is little management training in this industry. Having a management training program helps promote further stability because you create room to grow among your senior loan officers. Of course, this helps your organization grow in the long run.
--Dave Hershman

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