Wooing new referral partners

by Dave Hershman19 Dec 2017
Part II: I am new in the industry. My sales manager has asked me to start cold-calling real estate agents and I am not sure what to say to them. Why would they give me the time of day if I have no experience? I really need some guidance here because my manager is telling me to call, but I am not getting any direction beyond that.

–Henry from Oklahoma

Last week we covered an easier and more effective way to meet real estate agents and other referral sources when you are new. This week we will cover what to say to them. Because you are getting a "referral" to these agents, you are more likely to get a response from them, but as you ask – why would they give you the time of day? Actually, some will, but the more productive agents will not. Thus, what I want to give you is a few approaches:
  • Start with flattery. “In talking with _____, he spoke so highly of you and insisted that I would learn from someone who is so experienced.” Everyone likes to be flattered.
  • Ask for advice. Asking for advice is part of the flattery process. You are new, thus ask them what they did when they were new and what they would recommend you do today. This puts them in the position of being your mentor and actually gives them a stake in your success.
  • Show interest in their business. Starting with “give me a shot” is a mistake. You need to develop a relationship first. That means they must like you. When you ask questions such as, “What are your biggest challenges in today's market?” this gives them the impression you are interested in them, not just yourself. People like that.
Notice that I did not say anything about asking for their business. Not that I want to ignore what our real goal is. However, if you start asking before they even know you, you will reach a dead end fast. Next week in our final segment, we will cover “asking” questions.


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