What's the secret to recruiting good loan officers?

by MPA06 Oct 2015
I am a manager that has been trying to recruit. I have limited time because I am also the top producer in the office. I have been running ads in Craigslist and a few other places, but the results have been terrible. What am I doing wrong?
--Beth from California

First, I need to tell you that you are not alone. Most managers in this industry are personal producers and most were promoted to that position because their production was significant. The fact is that production is a full time job and that leaves little time to do other tasks correctly – such as recruiting, hiring and coaching their sales staff. With a limited amount of time, we take the easy road such as running ads on the Internet. Here is the problem with that – good loan officers are not searching for a job on the net. Good loan officers are getting calls constantly from those who want to hire them. That is the bottom line.

When you run ads on the Internet, you are generally going to get loan officers who are not being pursued for jobs, which means they are not part of the top tier. There are a few exceptions, but they are few and far between. The answer? You need to use your sphere to network. Where are the best opportunities within your sphere? I will cover that question next week.  
--Dave Hershman

Dave Hershman has been the leading author and a top speaker for the industry for decades with six books authored and hundreds of articles published. His website is www.originationpro.com. If you have a reaction to this commentary or another question you would like answered in this column? Email Dave directly at dave@hershmangroup.com.   



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