Watch what you post

by Dave Hershman10 Apr 2018

Part III: I know I need to get started with social media. But I am not that great with a computer. And I am busy with calls from my agent. I have set up a few sites like Face book – but they just sit there because I get busy.

̶ Jason from Tampa


Last week we talked about potential goals for your social media plan. This week we will talk about social media happenings which would prevent you from meeting these goals. For example, some will spend hours surfing and posting. What that does is take away from the opportunity to meet people and develop relationships. It is not about posting and sitting back and waiting for leads to come in. It is about connecting with your sphere and then taking it to the next level by having lunch or a phone conversation.

In addition, especially since social media is used for personal, as well as business use, you will need to be careful with regard to what you post personally, as well as your professional content. I don't care what your opinion is – stay away from politics, off-color humor, extreme religious statements and more. I have seen so many mild people get on a pulpit and blast out opinions on the internet. Here is the problem: You don't know who you will be offending. For example, even if you believe very strongly about your political party or views, do you want not to do business with the other 50% of your sphere that does not agree with you?

My advice: If you can't control what you post or share, and/or you are going to get lost surfing as a way to avoid calling people, then social media is not for you.



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