Want to link up with good referral partners? Do your research

by Dave Hershman20 Jun 2017
Part II. I have read with interest your answer to the person who does not want to do business with real estate agents. I agree with your answers. But my problem is that I can't seem to meet agents and the ones I do meet do not produce much business. What is the best way to meet real estate agents?

--Carl from Long Island

Last week we focused upon the topic of meeting agents and also made the point that there is a slim chance that the agent you meet randomly is likely to be productive. Therefore, the research step will be very important in this regard. Nothing wastes more of your most precious resource – time – than unproductive activities. So where does your research start?

I would start online. Take a look at their website, LinkedIn page and anything that pops up when you Google them, including where they rank in searches. How professional is their online presence, and what do their reviews look like? We are not only looking at their productivity, but also their service record because you don't want to work with an agent who is a nightmare to service. You should also be looking for points of commonality, such as did they attend the same college as you, have similar interests, or perhaps come from the same town? This information will make the meeting more fruitful as you develop a relationship.

Last week we also spoke about utilizing vendors to network. Vendors such as closing companies are also useful to find out more information about your real estate agent targets. How are they to work with? Do they take care of their clients? Are they productive? Again, you don't want to work with just anyone. Back to the networking side, closing companies not only know agents, they know agents when their lenders are letting them down and they may be looking for a new loan officer. Every nightmare hits the closing table. So, it is not only meeting the right agent, but meeting them at the right time.  

--Dave Hershman

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