Top producers make getting referrals a way of life

by MPA24 May 2016

I have read several of your answers about referrals. It seems like everyone is trying to sell me a referral based system. I realize that I need to get more referrals, but I don't know where to start. Can you give me some direction?

--Denise from New Jersey

There are plenty of times in which I read a question and think, “I could write a book on that topic.” In this case, I have written a book. And so have many others. What we are talking about is more than going out and getting a few referrals. It is a way of life for top producers everywhere – and not just in the residential finance industry. Summing up my belief: top producers get their business by referral. Their referrals come from their sphere. Therefore, the larger your sphere, and the more value you deliver to your sphere, the more referrals you will get.

What do I mean by a "way of life"? It is more than putting the statement "I love referrals" on business cards. It is setting up a marketing plan that revolves around the concept. It starts by letting others know you need their help and how they can help you. And we are not just talking about purchase or refinance leads. We are talking about introductions to potential referral sources.

For example, if you have a top real estate agent who you are very close to, have you ever asked them to introduce you to other agents? The plan continues by wowing your customers in order to put yourself in position to get referrals. And it continues after the transaction closes as well. Next week we will talk about letting others know how they can help you and who you should ask.

--Dave Hershman

Dave Hershman has been the leading author and a top speaker for the industry for decades with six books authored and hundreds of articles published. His website is If you have a reaction to this commentary or another question you would like answered in this column? Email Dave directly at [email protected].