Take the time to keep your database up to date

by Dave Hershman02 May 2017
Part III. I am having a hard time keeping up with my contacts. I use an Outlook Calendar and try to stay in touch with reminders, but things keep falling through the cracks. I don't know how anyone produces and stays in touch the way they need to. Any insight on this issue?

—Trevor from Colorado

In the past two weeks, we have spoken about today's overdose of technology and the need for a centralized system to house the database of your entire sphere. In this final segment, we will cover the need for discipline and managing your business using a CRM system. Where does discipline fit into the equation? Let's start with this question: for how long have you been telling yourself that you need to get your all of your contacts (not just previous customers) into your CRM? We wait and wait for the right time to do this. Yet, if you added three contacts per business day, you would be adding 750 per year and would have almost 4,000 contacts in five years. How many of you have that many in your database presently? Adding three names per day — either from your present lists or contacts you are meeting for the first time — takes five minutes per day. What are we lacking? The discipline to accomplish this simple task each day.

Discipline also applies to the concept of using your CRM to manage your business. The CRM enables you to write notes about your calls and meetings. It also enables you to manage your touches. Imagine if your CRM reminded you to call a prospect in three months as they requested — and your notes recorded not only the subject of the conversation, but personal and financial details of the prospect. This might include their issues and also how many children they have and why they are looking for a new home. Wouldn't that make your next call more effective? Of course, taking the time to input conversations into your CRM takes discipline. This tool can be a complete business management system, if you use it in the right way.

—Dave Hershman

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