Setting social media goals

by Dave Hershman03 Apr 2018

Part II: I know I need to get started with social media. But I am not that great with a computer. And I am busy with calls from my agent. I have set up a few sites like Facebook – but they just sit there because I get busy.

–Jason from Tampa

Last week we talked about having a plan for implementing a social media policy. And plans have to start with a goal. What are possible goals for social media engagement? Here are a few:

  • Deliver value to your sphere and establish yourself as an expert.
  • Increase the size of your sphere through social networking.
  • Produce direct consumer leads and refer some of these leads to your real estate agents through engagement and/or direct advertising.
  • Convert more of the leads you are receiving because of your professional presence and reviews on certain sites.

You can see how varied these goals are. If you are a loan officer and you don't have enough business, you might be advertising on social media and increasing your sphere. If you have plenty of leads, you may be trying to increase your conversion percentage. Still others are content to have a presence because that is the "in" thing but they don't care much for it. Next week we will talk about what not to do on social media because it could prevent you from reaching these goals.  


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